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Communion Cups - 1,000 Count

Item: NCR-1000

$ 29.99

Box of 1000 disposable communion cups.

The cup's standard 1-1/4-inch size allows it to be used with any standard communion ware. The 3/4-inch width design gives the cup a larger base than most cups. Therefore, the cup sits higher in the communion tray allowing for easier pickup.

The cup is constructed of the highest quality plastic which gives it a clear diamond finish simulating polished glass.

New Covenant Communion Cups is the first disposable communion cup made in America and is still manufactured in the United States. We manufacture these beautiful communion cups in a FDA "clean room" environment, using new state-of-the-art robotic equipment. The first human hands to touch these cups are the hands of your volunteer staff.

New Covenant Communion Cups are made from the highest quality plastic. Our communion cups are durable so they won't crack, stick, or leak. Our communion cups are 100% recyclable.

Communion Cups - 1,000 Count